How to Shift Into Change

Did you know we humans are programmed to avoid change?  Heck, we’re pre-programmed to resist with every fiber of our being.  For example,

  • We actively seek patterns. That’s because automated patterns make our mental processing more efficient, leaving valuable processing cycles available for critical tasks – like watching for threats. So patterns are a foundation of our mind’s efficiency. We create and run them all the time.
  • We expect our patterns to be the same. When they change, our brain sees that change as a potential threat and sends out a chemical to get our attention on that threat. That chemical a) drives us to hang on to the status quo, aka, what’s known and comfortable and b) directs us to push against the change. The change is a threat!

We do this unconsciously and instinctually. We don’t usually recognize when it’s happening, which is why this programming can and does limit our behavior and our thinking.

Experience it For Yourself

This week I had the chance to experience my programming responding to such a change.  It was a little change.  But I was annoyed and felt the push against the change for almost a day before it hit me what was happening. When I realized why I was experiencing the push and discomfort, I had to laugh. What a perfect way to experience this mindware program in action!

We can change our programs. Any program – including the limiting beliefs about ourselves and our businesses.  We simply have to be aware of the program and shift!

What happened and what can you do to repeat it for yourself?

  • Change the ringer sound for your phone. Use a sound or song that’s totally different from the one you’re accustomed to hearing. Pick one that most people don’t use so that it’s unfamiliar.  Or change the text beep or the email notification. Just change something.
  • Then just go along with your business. Forget you changed it.  If you’re consciously waiting for it, well, you’re conscious!
  • Pay attention to how your unconscious mind reacts to this change when that ringer goes off.
  • Leave it like that for a few days and note how your mind responds.

You will feel the response. I missed a couple of calls, felt a bit unsettled and within a short time period I wanted to change the sound back to the original. The more I heard it, the stronger the desire was to change it back to what I was accustomed to hearing. To the pattern my mind craved. It’s been a week and I’m finally reprogrammed to accept the new ring.  But at first, it was uncomfortable!

If a simple change like the sounds on our phone triggers us to hunker down in our status quo, think how the changes in our every day modern world impact our need for patterns.

That said, we can change our programs. Any program – including the limiting beliefs about ourselves and our businesses.  We simply have to be aware of the program and shift!

The power – it’s all in our minds.
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