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A: We help leaders Switch from an Industrial Age to a Social Age mindset, so their organizations can Shift into a whole new level of prosperity.
A: The topics you’ll find most on ExchangeGain include leadership in the Social Age, culture, engagement, workplace optimism, talent and recruitment, and entrepreneurism.
A: At Switch & Shift, we stand up for a heretical, rebellious belief that the purpose of business isn’t solely to generate a profit; business can also to be a force for good for its people – and those whom they serve.

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A: We are always looking for thought-provoking, high-quality content. For consideration, please email our Heroic Senior Editor, . Be sure to include an outline of the concept or the post and include a mini-bio, including your social media accounts.

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A: Being a Leaguer is quite an honor. We take our responsibility as stewards of that honor very seriously. As such, there is an arduous selection process for new Leaguers.

One consideration among many is that guest contributors must post at least three times on ExchangeGain. Additionally, we look to see how each guest post resonated with our community of purpose. Specifically, were the posts “shareable” enough earn 200 or more tweets (the double click) and over 500 page views?

Status as a Leaguer does come with ongoing expectations and benefits. For example, Leaguers are expected to contribute at least one blog post per months; benefits include invitations to appear on ExchangeGain Engaginars, thorough support of your organization’s mission and message, and much more.

Most important: ExchangeGain believes very much in a collaborative, creative culture, and your work – and how you approach your work – must fit within our culture. Leaguers are our close friends and frequent business partners. We’re a tight group, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

A: As a ExchangeGain reader finds a blog post interesting, they’ll click on it to learn more. That click results in a read and a page view. But we strive for so much more than that: we want our readers to enjoy that post enough to share it with their personal network.

When this second click occurs, it is social proof that the reader isn’t just taking the time to scan the post; they trust the author and ExchangeGain enough to put our brand out in the world with their own, standing behind us as if it were their own.

Social sharing – the double click – is something to be proud of; a care metric worth measuring.

A: Sure, some wander onto a website, check it out for a minute, and then move on with their lives. And ExchangeGain has casual visitors just like every other popular website. But those visits don’t represent a community, and it certainly isn’t what we’re about.

ExchangeGain is the home of a movement; all of us, in our own way, work together to promote the Human Side of Business. We are a growing community out to make the world a better place, by bringing more human-centric, meaningful, Social Age values and practices into the mainstream. Our readers? These are our people, our tribe! And a strong tribe is always united by a common purpose.

A: The second Industrial Age may have ended decades ago, but the management model most closely associated with that era is still the dominant leadership model in place at many workplaces today.

Today, we’re in the Social Age – which, as Ted Coiné and Mark Babbitt explain in their book A World Gone Social, started in 2008. In the Industrial Age, the Human Side of Business was honored and practiced by some companies, certainly; but it was far from necessary to operate an Industrial Age company. In the Social Age, only companies dedicated to the Human Side of Business will be able to attract top talent, inspire collaboration – and, in the long-term, compete.

Many companies still see social media as a fad; a short-term event. Others have dabbled in social media only to learn that using social media was much more than another broadcasting tool; it required deliberate communication and company-wide strategy and implementation. And yet others jumped headfirst into social media… only to fail – at least based on an Industrial Age metric: ROI.

Through Engaginars, coaching, workshops, strategy sessions and speaking engagements, the team at ExchangeGain helps companies who have been through any one of these scenarios, and many others, move gracefully – and successfully – into the Social Age. We help companies realize that social media is more than just a marketing tool, but a fundamental shift in how we attract and retain top talent, enable employees to become brand ambassadors and – for the first time for many – actually listen to our customers.

If you – or your company – would like to learn more about how ExchangeGain can help, contact Mark Babbitt: .

A: Ted, Shawn and Mark are available to speak at your company function or industry event. And so are many of our Leaguers. For more information, see the speaker pages of our team members and Leaguers; each contains the speaker’s bio and discusses areas of expertise and primary markets served. For general information about speaking engagements, contact Mark: .

  • There’s a more human way to do business.

    In the Social Age, it’s how we engage with customers, collaborators and strategic partners that matters; it’s how we create workplace optimism that sets us apart; it’s how we recruit, retain (and repel) employees that becomes our differentiator. This isn’t a “people first, profits second” movement, but a “profits as a direct result of putting people first” movement.

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