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Posted by on Jan 7, 2014 in Featured, Work That Matters Podcast | 0 comments

Business Value of Joy with Rich Sheridan @menloprez


What if you got up each day excited to go to work? What if you worked in a place that focused on ending human suffering? What if you worked in a place that brought purpose and joy to your life? Well, CEO and Chief Storyteller Rich Sheridan co-founded a software development company, Menlo Innovation that has its mission to end human suffering through technology. Furthermore, they’ve created a workplace culture that manifest joy in employees’ lives. It’s an infectious place to work, alive with conversation and eagerness to solve client problems.

In this episode we explore Rich’s new book, Joy, Inc., and dissect some of the messages to help us all make where we work a contribution to employees’ lives and to customers’ lives, too. Menlo Innovations has a joyous workplace and Rich helps us learn how they’ve created such joyful workplace.

Get ready to take notes, more great wisdom coming your way.

Connect with Rich

Twitter: @menloprez
Twitter: @MenloInnovations

Reading Material

imgresRead Rich’s new book Joy, Inc.

One of Rich’s favorite books is The Fifth Discipline: The Art & Practice of the Learning Organization. It’s a classic and worth the read for all who believe in the ExchangeGain message.






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