• 3 Ways to Tear Down Silos and Boost Your Business Intelligence

    Written by: Kyle Ferguson | October 19, 2016

    business intelligence

    Business intelligence departments are the visionaries of organizations. They’re focused on the next generation of products. So they often don’t feel a need to be in constant contact with IT or marketing teams. Likewise, the IT and marketing employees tend to stick to their own departments, preferring to work and socialize with those who are cut from the same professional cloth. Most leaders see this separation as a positive one; they think a little competition among departments improves performance. But that bias, grouping like with like, is also what drives us to create silos in our businesses, and it’s a habit we need to break…. Read More»

  • Nine Ways to Catch Up on Your 2016 Goals Before the End of the Year

    Written by: Young Entrepreneur Council | October 17, 2016

    2016 goals

    Nine YEC members share how you can catch up on the 2016 goals you set at the start of this year if you’ve fallen behind on them…. Read More»

  • The Secret to Truly Innovative Business Models with Saul Kaplan

    Written by: Mark Babbitt | October 13, 2016

    innovative business models

    ow many of today’s most innovative business models solve a specific problem? How many organizations consider themselves human-centered?

    And how often should we re-evaluate our business models to ensure we’re accomplishing our goals and meeting our potential?… Read More»

  • How To Sabotage Your Ideas and Influence (Part One)

    Written by: Dr. Karen Keller | October 12, 2016


    You already know that launching and developing a good idea takes massive amounts of influence. Many fantastic ideas lie on the ash heap of history merely because someone couldn’t influence others to adopt the idea. But you may not realize that you might be sabotaging your own idea and influence. Often, the selling of an idea was actually sabotaged by the creator because he or she hadn’t developed the skills to persuade others to give credence to the idea…. Read More»

  • Age is Just a Number: How Peer-to-Peer Learning Can Strengthen a Multigenerational Workforce

    Written by: Blake Beus | October 11, 2016

    multigenerational workforce

    Companies today face a multigenerational workforce that spans up to four generations. It’s not uncommon for a fresh-out-of-college millennial to join a company that has workers with 30 or more years of experience. Each generation brings its own values, skillsets, and contributions to the office. In theory, this diversity should be a strength, but sometimes it’s hard […] Read moreRead More»

  • 5 Technologies That Will Transform Your Business Decisions

    Written by: Rick Delgado | October 10, 2016

    business decisions

    True success in the business world often depends making the right business decisions at the right time. This has only grown more complicated over the years as organizations are inundated with increasingly complex problems. If you feel overwhelmed at times when making these decisions, you’re not alone. But in much the same way that technology has made crucial decisions more common, it can also aid in ensuring you make the correct call.
    Read More»

  • Freedom, Purpose, and the Opportunity to Achieve Success

    Written by: Rohan Light | October 6, 2016


    we do all have aspirations and we do all have something to contribute. We deserve the opportunity to do so. And some of us, by a twist of fate, have had less opportunity to contribute and have come further in our quest to do so…. Read More»

  • It’s Never About Having the Best Product… or Is It?

    Written by: Arnaud Henneville | October 5, 2016

    best product

    “It’s never about the best product, and always about the strategy”. Indeed, it’s always about searching for the best strategy to deliver a cohesive, well defined product. Well, while this is largely accepted, our work with some of the most celebrated companies in the world has uncovered that the opposite is also true. In other words, that it is always about searching for the best product to execute on a well-defined strategy.
    Read More»

  • Ladies and Gentlemen of the Board: Gender Inequality in Business [Infographic]

    Written by: Switch & Shift | October 4, 2016

    The year may be 2016 but we are still living in a world where gender equality is an aspiration, rather than a reality. And this is certainly true in the boardrooms of powerful businesses where gender inequality is the norm…. Read More»

  • Talent Hoarding is Hurting Your Business, But You Can Fix It [Infographic]

    Written by: Switch & Shift | October 3, 2016

    talent hoarding

    Employees who want to advance are the ones who contribute the most to company growth. However, when employers fail to help their employees learn and develop professionally, they stagnate and suffer from the horrible side effects of talent hoarding. Talent hoarding occurs when companies keep the best employees in their current roles and don’t provide them with any advancement opportunities or career development. How can companies solve this problem?
    Read More»

  • There’s a more human way to do business.

    In the Social Age, it’s how we engage with customers, collaborators and strategic partners that matters; it’s how we create workplace optimism that sets us apart; it’s how we recruit, retain (and repel) employees that becomes our differentiator. This isn’t a “people first, profits second” movement, but a “profits as a direct result of putting people first” movement.

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