• Beyond Either/Or

    Written by: Ted Coiné | December 11, 2012

    There are times when an either/or, black or white, yes or no mindsets are useful: If you’re in combat and someone’s shooting at you and your friends, you either shoot back or you don’t. If you’re in a prospect’s office with a contract on the last day of your fiscal year, she either signs it […] Read moreRead More»

  • How to Engage Your People

    Written by: Shawn Murphy | December 8, 2012

    … Read More»

  • LesMcKeown on the Choreography of a Team

    Written by: Shawn Murphy | December 8, 2012

    Choreography of a Team from Shawn Murphy on Vimeo…. Read More»

  • Enterprise Commitment

    Written by: Shawn Murphy | December 8, 2012

    Enterprise Commitment from Shawn Murphy on Vimeo…. Read More»

  • ExchangeGain Interview with Les McKeown

    Written by: Shawn Murphy | December 8, 2012

    Les McKeown, author of The Synergist, talks about three types of leaders, their styles, and team chemistry. Les explains the Visionary, Operator, and Processor leadership preferences…. Read More»

  • What’s YOUR Honor Code?

    Written by: Ted Coiné | December 6, 2012

    “As a member of the William and Mary community, I pledge on my honor not to lie, cheat, or steal, either in my academic or personal life. I understand that such acts violate the Honor Code and undermine the community of trust, of which we are all stewards.”… Read More»

  • There Is No Tacit Consent

    Written by: Ted Coiné | December 4, 2012

    Most noteworthy of all, she never asked any questions back. When an employee asked a question, she just answered; that’s it. She never once replied, “Why are you asking?” or “Help me understand where that is coming from.”… Read More»

  • An Unseen Culprit Draining Workplace Morale

    Written by: Shawn Murphy | December 3, 2012

    Do you dread going to work? Given a myriad of research findings in low employee engagement, disenchantment with pay for underperforming executives, even absence of employee passion for their work, it’s not hard to conclude employees dread their workplace. Dread is an unseen culprit draining workplace morale. What a disturbing sight: an army of talented, […] Read moreRead More»

  • Who Is Your Undercover Investor?

    Written by: Ted Coiné | November 27, 2012

    About this time last year I published a post on my previous blog that I’d like to share with you now on ExchangeGain: the title of the post was Undercover Investor. The impetus in writing it was simple, really. A once and, I’m sure, future business owner myself, I look at every company the […] Read moreRead More»

  • A Case for Purpose and Meaning at Work

    Written by: Sarah Levy | November 26, 2012

    Two recent surveys have revealed that a majority of American workers are not fully engaged in their jobs. As a leader, it’s important for you to strive to keep purpose and meaning in the lives of your staff; otherwise, your business will inevitably suffer. The first survey, conducted by Gallup beginning in the fourth quarter […] Read moreRead More»

  • There’s a more human way to do business.

    In the Social Age, it’s how we engage with customers, collaborators and strategic partners that matters; it’s how we create workplace optimism that sets us apart; it’s how we recruit, retain (and repel) employees that becomes our differentiator. This isn’t a “people first, profits second” movement, but a “profits as a direct result of putting people first” movement.

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