The Science Behind the Effectiveness of Emotional Stories

Do you remember the last time you heard a great speech? Chances are high that it included an emotional story. The best TED speeches for example, the ones that get the longest standing ovations, are consistently those that share their message using emotional stories. The same applies to the corporate world where there is a drumbeat now about selling ideas using good stories that grab the heart and not just the mind. It seems like emotional storytelling gets results…. Read More»

  • There’s a more human way to do business.

    In the Social Age, it’s how we engage with customers, collaborators and strategic partners that matters; it’s how we create workplace optimism that sets us apart; it’s how we recruit, retain (and repel) employees that becomes our differentiator. This isn’t a “people first, profits second” movement, but a “profits as a direct result of putting people first” movement.

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