Do Followers Really Matter? #socialmedia

  Some people call the number of followers you have a “vanity metric,” but I think that’s too harsh a term. I prefer calling followers a “health metric.” They are an important part of your social analysis, but how many you have is somewhat irrelevant. You can have strong relationships with your audience and even […] Read moreRead More»

Change Your Content Diet: Salty is the New Sticky #socialmedia

  When blogs became popular – back when the internet was only made up of a few hundred thousand websites – the idea of “sticky content” was born. As the number of websites and blogs grew at an exponential rate the demand for eyeballs increased. The goal of the content game became keeping visitors on […] Read moreRead More»

  • There’s a more human way to do business.

    In the Social Age, it’s how we engage with customers, collaborators and strategic partners that matters; it’s how we create workplace optimism that sets us apart; it’s how we recruit, retain (and repel) employees that becomes our differentiator. This isn’t a “people first, profits second” movement, but a “profits as a direct result of putting people first” movement.

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