For Aspiring Female Leaders

One of the most talked-about business books of this year was Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, which gave advice to women who want to be leaders in business. Sandberg delivered a lot of recommendations and guidance on how women should behave, and what they should do. Among other things, she […] Read moreRead More»

What Does It Mean to Choose2Matter?

For several months now, I’ve been writing posts about the potential of today’s young people to change the world, particularly with guidance from today’s business leaders. I’ve introduced you to some young people who have made a big splash with their efforts to solve real problems facing the world. Now, I want to share with […] Read moreRead More»

An Open Letter to Millennials… Thank You for What I See in You

Dear Generation NOW, There is a lot of talk about you in the world. Everyone is trying to figure you out and define who you are. Here are just a few of the words and phrases that have been used to label you: The ME Generation Spoiled and entitled Arrogant and narcissistic Overly idealistic; actually […] Read moreRead More»

Offering Our Youngest Leaders a Seat at the Table

Many American journalists and politicians point proudly to the great innovations that routinely spring forth from America’s businesses, large and small. These same people also rail about the need to improve the performance of America’s students on standardized assessment tests. Why do they celebrate innovation and ingenuity in America’s businesses, and then demand that our […] Read moreRead More»

Customer Service Should be More Than a Luxury

Personalized service seems to have become rare in the marketplace. In the sea of automated recordings, form-letter emails and anonymous service representatives – true customer service is not only a luxury; it often shocks one’s system when encountered. Case and point. I recently stayed at the Intercontinental Hotel in Boston. I had a minor (and […] Read moreRead More»

A “TO-BE” List for Aspiring Leaders by Angela Maiers

”Being’ and ‘doing’ are inseparable aspects of your presence and influence. -author unknown I have the privilege each year of speaking to auditoriums full of aspiring young leaders, anxious to go out into the world and make their mark. They are looking for the “book”, the “roadmap” , the “words or wisdom” that will guide […] Read moreRead More»

  • There’s a more human way to do business.

    In the Social Age, it’s how we engage with customers, collaborators and strategic partners that matters; it’s how we create workplace optimism that sets us apart; it’s how we recruit, retain (and repel) employees that becomes our differentiator. This isn’t a “people first, profits second” movement, but a “profits as a direct result of putting people first” movement.

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