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Posted by on Oct 5, 2013 in Featured, Switch & Shift TV, The Human Side TV | 0 comments

7 Leaders In 7 Days on ExchangeGain TV!


We couldn’t be prouder than we are right now, as we announce the official launch of ExchangeGain TV! Starting tomorrow at noon Eastern and running each noontime for the week we’ll share our inaugural series, 7 Leaders in 7 Days. You’re going to love it!

Sunday, October 6th, Dr. Ellen Weber of the MITA Brain Science Institute and member of our own League of Extraordinary Thinkers kicks off the series with a fun- (and science-) based talk that is an absolute must for any leader looking to improve the effectiveness of their organization.

Monday the 7th, Join me when I talk with another member of our League, social media marketing dynamo Ted Rubin. Anyone who knows “Other Ted” knows he gives about 3 hours worth of wisdom in every half-hour interview! The author of Return On Relationship, Ted’s insight on how relationships can build careers and whole businesses in this Age of Social is an absolute must-watch for any leader.

Tuesday the 8th, multiple-bestselling Author Ori Brafman and I discuss his newest book, The Chaos Imperative, How Chance and Disruption Increase Innovation, Effectiveness, and Success. You may know Ori from his other must-read NYT bestsellers, The Starfish and The Spider and Sway. Any man who can introduce a little chaos to the US Army and bring a lot of success, as Ori has, can help your organization as well!

Wednesday, October 9th, tech startup CEO Dino Dogan of Triberr and I discuss another compelling aspect of how social media is changing the entire landscape of how business is done today – and for the foreseeable future. Touching on Ted Rubin’s notion that bloggers are really micro-publishers, Dino’s platform is joining those small, independent outlets into a marketing power to be reckoned with. …And that’s just the beginning of this adrenaline-boosting show!

Thursday the 10th, Leaguer Alan Kay and I switch from social media to leadership effectiveness. His expertise in “solutions focus” is just what it sounds: ‘Let’s stop focusing on our problems and complaints and build on what is going right to move the organization forward to greater heights!’ A self-proclaimed “recovered ad man,” this former general manager’s first book, Fry The Monkeys, Create a Solution is essential reading for leaders of every level. His episode is essential watching!

Friday the 11th, join me as I discuss the importance (and the how-to) of recognition done right with Leaguer Roy Saunderson, Chief Learning Officer of Rideau’s Recognition Management Institute and host of Real Recognition Radio. Roy doesn’t believe in tricks and gimmicks when it comes to making people feel special and, thus, elevating their morale and productivity (and your company’s profitability!) Roy’s advice is from the heart, it’s practical, and it’s something you can’t afford to miss.

For Social Saturday (October 12th) we round out our kickoff week with another real treat, Michael Brenner, the Vice President of Content Media Strategy at software giant SAP. For the past four years, Mark Babbitt and I have been studying the most successful organizations at the intersection of modern leadership and social media for our upcoming book, A World Gone Social: How Business Must Adapt to Survive. SAP’s content marketing strategy is so far ahead of most others out there, I wanted to interview him on our show to share his insight with our community months before our book comes out. If you lead a company or its marketing function, or advise those who do, this show is a must-see!

Can’t wait until tomorrow to get your fix from the brain trust of guests and Leaguers at ExchangeGain? Try here: The 11 Best Episodes of ExchangeGain TV EVER!* (

*Yes, to date, there have only been 11 episodes of the show. You caught that, too?


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Ted Coiné

Ted Coiné

Keynote speaker. Author of A World Gone Social: How Companies Must Adapt to Survive. Three-time CEO. Chairman and Founder of ExchangeGain. Ted Coiné is one of the most influential business experts on the Web, top-ranked by Forbes, Inc., SAP Business Innovation, and Huffington Post for his leadership, customer experience, and social media influence. Ted consults with owners, CEOs and boards of directors on making their companies more competitive by making them more human-focused. He and his family live in Naples, Florida.

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