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Posted by on Apr 11, 2013 in Featured, Inspirational, You: Reinvented | 6 comments

3 Tips to Unleash the Positive Power of Your Unconscious Mind

Our Unconscious Minds (UM) often get a bad rap.

There’s so much focus these days on the negative programming, triggers and limiting beliefs that live in our unconscious. Even traditional therapy focuses on revealing our “bad” unconscious thoughts to heal our souls.

In my opinion, these assumptions are urban legends, created by yesterday’s psychotherapists, coaches and traditional thinkers.

Neuroscience has proven that your Unconscious Mind is eager to serve you, in any way that you need. Your Unconscious Mind is already serving you as we speak.

  • Processing the 11M bits/second of information you receive every day
  • Driving nearly 95% of the decisions you make and the actions you take
  • Running every system and cell in your body

We are the Cause of Our Unconscious Minds

Whether your Unconscious Mind is expanding your horizons or limiting your future depends entirely on you. Your UM needs clear and concise direction. It is in the context of our direction that we define how we move through this world and create our lives.

Neuroscience has proven that your Unconscious Mind is eager to serve you, in any way that you need.

When we are thoughtful in our communication with ourselves and others, we guide our UMs in a positive way. When we get stuck repeating negative thoughts and behaviors, we direct our UM in a limiting direction.

It really is that simple.

Unleashing the Positive Power of Your Unconscious

So how do we harness the positive power of our unconscious minds? Here are 3 tips. Try them for a month and then let me know what happens, won’t you?

Focus on What You Want

Our UMs do not process negatives or negations. For example, when I say, “Don’t think about your competitors,” you think about them, don’t you? When we focus on what we don’t want to happen, we direct our UM to focus on that unwanted thing happening.

The first shift to clearly direct your UM is to focus on the positive. How? By concentrating on what we want, in our thoughts and our communications with others.

Pause to Find Objectivity

Our UM is designed to take everything personally. Our very personal perceptions form our reality. We apply our inner perception to the world, projecting our truth to explain everything that occurs in our space. Unfortunately our perceptions and projections often stray far from reality.

The second shift is to find your objectivity. Practice jumping in front of that knee-jerk response that personalizes life’s every experience. When you flare at that email or vmail – before you hit reply – pause, take a breath and stop the program your UM is running.

Step into alternative realities of the situation, brainstorm what other options the person might be trying to communicate. By feeding objective reality back into your UM, you upgrade the personalizing programs and evolve to a more objective perspective.

Success Is in the Repeat

Just as we learn a new sport or language, we create behavioral and thinking habits by repetition. We must be consistent as we replace old patterns with fresh perspectives. Simply shifting our thoughts for a day or week most likely isn’t enough to change an unconscious habit or thought, developed over a lifetime.

This third shift is to choose the changes you want to make and stick with them. Repeat the positive thoughts, return to objectivity and stay consistent. Most unconscious programming can and will shift within 30 days with focus, determination and repetition.

Just as we learn a new sport or language, we create behavioral and thinking habits by repetition.

Above all, be nice to your Unconscious Mind. It wants to help you step into your ultimate potential. Take it easy on yourself as you perfectly program your positive power!


Art by: MoonLitTiger

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Rebel Brown

A masterful agent of change, for over 25 years Rebel has inspired, coached and empowered over 250 global organizations to ultimate performance and profitable market advantage. Rebel blends the power of neurosciences with her deep business expertise to guide executive and corporate clients to unleash their ultimate performance potential. She has been featured in First Business TV, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider and Business Week. Her best selling business book, Defy Gravity, is any leaders’ guide to breakout growth. Rebel’s Rebelations blog is read by thousands weekly. She is a an NSA and a Vistage International speaker, acting as a keynote speaker and leading workshops globally. She also was named one of the Top 100 Women in Computing. Besides speaking and writing, Rebel has vast consulting experience in shifting corporate perspectives to create breakout strategy, positioning for advantage and profitable growth. She works with US and European venture firms to successfully fund and launch companies. She also ran a consulting practice in Paris for two years, bringing European firms to the United States. Rebel is also the founder and director of the Unstoppable U Foundation, a non-profit program committed to guiding kids to know that they are born to be Unstoppable.

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  • Jami Glendening Dix

    Such a great reminder – thank you!!

    • Rebel Brown

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing Jami!  


    We totally agree! It’s amazing how many people tell each other about something they aspire to do, and immediately, their next comment is filled with grim and dispair…”it will never happen”…”my friends think it’s a silly idea”…  Dream big, stay focused and go for it!

    • Rebel Brown

      Hi Wear – sorry for my delayed reply. I’ve always been amazed at how easy it is to fall into the rut of thinking negatively. Now I understand why – our minds are programmed to create patterns based on our focus. All it takes is a few repetitions of a negative thought, belief or behavior and we establish a mental habit. That unconscious habit takes over and repeats itself – creating the circumstances for us to see more negative as we parse information based on that belief…

      It’s a negative cycle that we can change – but only when we focus on shifting the negative pattern. That’s why it is so important to remember one thing. Always say what you want…. your mind will remember and what you want will become your new/guiding habit!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting wear!

      • D.Baker

        Love this summary, Rebel. Awesome read. Definitely something I have been working on for a month now along with my meditation. It all makes sense. Now i”m trying to get my mother to understand this method. Thank you!

        • Rebel Brown

          HI D!
          Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing. I’ve always been a follower of Law of Attraction. My studies in neuroscience have strengthened my belief thanks to pure scientific knowledge! Our unconscious minds drive our decisions based on what we tell ourselves we want and what is true. We have the power to create whatever we want based on our very own focus – so the only question is – where are you focused?

          Ive been practicing focusing my thoughts for about six months now and the results aree nothing short of Unstoppable! Everything in my world is shifting toward what I’ve wanted. By simply focusing on what I want and releasing thoughts of what I dont want – my world changed, dramatically.

          We all have this power… it’s ALL in our minds!

          Good luck with Mom. If you would like some hints and tips – I’m always available!