How to Make a Difference People Love

What would happen if you looked at your job as a way of doing good in the world? What if you looked beyond the day-to-day activities you do and shifted your focus to the impact they have?

These are actions of someone who does great work. But what is great work and what does it look like?… Read More»

Turn Good Work

Turn Good Work into Great Work with One Simple Question

In a small, sunbaked office building on a fish farm in southern Spain, Miguel Medialdea spoke with us about the gap between work that merely fulfills an assignment and work that makes a difference people love.

Several years ago, Veta La Palma fish farm, where Miguel works as a mid-level biologist, was a relatively eco-friendly farm located on an island in the Guadalquivir river. While Miguel and his supervisor, Narciso Mazuelos, shared a passion for running the farm “close to nature,” they were met with the same pressures many of us face in our jobs. They were expected to increase yield, productivity and profits…. Read More»

Toxic CEO

6 Types of Toxic CEOs that are Destined for Failure

Being the CEO is a delicate balancing act between giving the customers what they say they want, giving the customers what they really need, making bold decisions, and holding on to the company’s core values. A CEO can generate more press through his actions than a quarterly report ever could. Therefore I dare every CEO out there to ask him/herself one question, what type of CEO do you want to be? Take a look at this infographic by which details six types of toxic CEOs that are destined for failure…. Read More»

7 Motivators

7 Powerful Motivators to Improve Workplace Performance

A recent research study of 200,000 plus individuals concluded that 79% of employees who quit their jobs cite a lack of appreciation as a key reason for leaving. When employees don’t feel valued for who they are or what they bring to the workplace, they disengage and often leave. Disengaged employees have a negative impact on the work environment. Turnover is disruptive and costly to companies, and it’s also disruptive to all the individuals involved – to those who leave and to those who stay behind. The statistic is disheartening – but the condition is easily preventable…. Read More»

Old School

The Three Evils of An Old School Workplace

Does your company’s work save your workers from boredom? Or have you dumbed it down so much that even a monkey would yawn?

Does your company’s work save your employees from vice? Or is the work itself a vice, as your whole organization swindles your customers, deceives your recruits, and outsmarts the communities in which you operate?

Does your company’s work save your workers from need? Or are their jobs actually J.O.B.s – as in, Just Over Broke?… Read More»

4 Insights

The Era of Average is Over – 4 Insights How NOT to get Left Behind

In the past 30 years, millions of people have lost their jobs to the rise of computerized automation, technology and robots offering unparalleled efficiency, reliability and performance benefits. Experts state that we are at the crucial tipping point often referred to as the ‘great decoupling’, with economic growth for the first time not followed by a similar increase in job creation. Bold predictions state that a robot journalist could win a Pulitzer within 5 years, that all human work will be fully outsourced to robots by 2045 and that humans can even fall in love with and marry robots by 2050…. Read More»


Why Followership is the New Leadership

Followership is essential to efficient operations and administration. There is zero time (or extra capital) for backstabbing, drama, or dishonest agendas. True teamwork and innovation require transparent, unbiased, on-point followership via every desk in the organization. In Col. Larry Donnithorne’s classic, “The West Point Way,” followership is expertly defined in three ways… Read More»

Lead with an Intergenerational Mindset

Ted Coiné posted a quiz to see if we are all Millennials. Ted made some excellent points, and his challenge sparked a thought. Aren’t we all generations? If not, shouldn’t we be? The reality is we are a sum of all generations, and we should be. Each generation has fought battles, won, failed, learned, invented, wrote, led, and tried to leave a better place than those before them. We need to embrace the lessons from each generation…. Read More»

The Top 10 Reasons To Be Trustworthy

“Be Trustworthy: Act with integrity and always keep your word.” Sounds fairly straightforward, doesn’t it? And to many of us, this is our default position already; being trustworthy is a matter of pride. But we can all probably think of a person right now who could use a couple of reasons to behave in a more honorable manner, huh? For that shifty schemer in everyone’s life, our friend Barbara Kimmel came up with this terrific list of ten reasons to be trustworthy…… Read More»

How to Juggle Your Business to Success

The day-to-day operations of any organization can be a bit like juggling – the right hand needs to know what the left is doing, and the body in the middle has to coordinate the entire process. While it may be possible to keep everything in motion, without proper synchronicity things can only stay that way for a short amount of time before balls start to drop. In companies, marketing and finance often play the role of the two hands…. Read More»

  • There’s a more human way to do business.

    In the Social Age, it’s how we engage with customers, collaborators and strategic partners that matters; it’s how we create workplace optimism that sets us apart; it’s how we recruit, retain (and repel) employees that becomes our differentiator. This isn’t a “people first, profits second” movement, but a “profits as a direct result of putting people first” movement.

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