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11 Ways to Live Your Company’s Mission Statement

YEC (Young Entrepreneur Council) surveyed some folks about how they live their company’s mission statement. Here are their answers:


How do you incorporate your company’s mission statement into daily work?


1. Unlock Creativity

At Ceros, our mission is to unlock creativity, so we try to weave creative thinking into everything we do. I really mean everything — from client onboarding to event planning to product standups to company outings. We always look at our goals and try to find the most creative way to execute our plans.
– Simon Berg, Ceros

2. Thrive

Out mission at Springleap is simple: Thrive. We want everyone involved in the process to be nurtured and grow, including ourselves! Internally, we try to do exactly what we engender in our communities: help each other get to the next level. Internally, it’s understanding what people actually want and need and putting them in a position to see that return.
– Eran Eyal, Sprinlgeap

3. Repeat It From the Rooftops

Reference your mission statement often, and use it like a bull horn to filter and amplify all of your communications. This constant reinforcement will emphasize that you are serious about delivering on your promises and will keep them front of mind for your team.
– Christopher Kelly, Convene

4. Keep It Visible

Our mission statement is framed in the office. Our team checks in, making sure we are all on the same page and that new tactics and efforts we’re using are aligned with our mission statement. Keep it top of mind at all times, and ask questions making sure you’re always working toward the same goal.
– Jayna Cooke, EVENTup

5. Use It as a Litmus Test

At ZinePak, we use our mission statement (“tearing down the walls between superfans and the things they love, delivering world-class products and unforgettable experiences”) as a litmus test for any new project we take on. If something doesn’t fit with the mission, we turn it down. We say no to about 50 percent of the projects pitched to us, which is rare for an agency but works great for us.
– Brittany Hodak, ZinePak

6. Act in Accordance With Your Principles

Our mission statement is to support anyone wishing to learn Lean Startup methods and modern management techniques, so we offer free and affordable education to folks all over the world. This year, we’re committed to hosting a Labs summit series geared to those who don’t have the time or resources to travel to San Francisco. In 2016 we’re hosting custom programs in Detroit, New Orleans, NYC and D.C.
– Heather McGough, Lean Startup Company

7. Integrate It Into Employee Tasks

It’s easier to disseminate your company’s mission throughout your entire team when each one of them has worked with it in their own domain. For example, if you just hired a new copywriter, have him or her write a blog post about your company’s mission. If you’re working with a new programmer, ask him or her to review the webpage that displays your company’s mission statement.
– Jared Brown, Hubstaff

8. Ask, Expect and Evaluate

Every Friday we have a senior management meeting where I ask two questions, “Which core value did you successfully demonstrate this week” and “Which core value will you focus on and improve this upcoming week.” These questions enforce our commitment to core values and make them a focal point for the management.
– Tamara Nall, The Leading Niche

9. Encourage Your Team Members to Talk About It

Our mission and core values are central to our company, and even displayed in the center of our office. Every team meeting, which includes up to 25 people, begins with each team member sharing a personal experience in which they witnessed our mission statement (Make Life Better) impacting someone’s life. It helps us stay grounded, focused and motivated by our culture on a daily basis.
– Nick Bayer, Saxbys Coffee

10. Paste It Everywhere

We remind ourselves of our mission statement by pasting it on our digital devices and in our offices, and in our email signatures and social profiles. I’ve found that the more you see and read something, the more you believe it, and it’s likely to stay top of mind in the midst of the everyday work grind.
– Alexandra Levit, Inspiration at Work


11. Use Intently

A wonderful startup and tool is Intently, a free browser plug-in that replaces all ads with images you select. It’s Ad Blocker Plus meets Pinterest. My staff is online all day, and now instead of distracting pop-ups and banner ads, employees just see our core values and quarterly goals shown in captivating images we designed.
– Beck Bamberger, BAM Communications



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