11 Company Values Entrepreneurs Take Pride In

YEC (Young Entrepreneur Council) surveyed some folks about the most important values in their own companies. Here are the responses.

Other than the creation of profits, what does your company stand for? What are you most proud of?


1. Empowering More Business Owners to Succeed

Inbound marketing is the most powerful investment a business can make. My team is dedicated to seeing our clients succeed. Since we work with year-long contracts (launching multiple campaigns throughout the year) we have the opportunity to see our clients become empowered by increasing their sales leads, adding their ideas to our marketing mix, and gaining more expert leverage in their industry.

– Nicole Munoz, Start Ranking Now



2. Freedom to Work Wherever and Whenever You Like

We’re a remote company that makes time tracking software. It feels good to make a product that facilitates a lifestyle that everyone in our company enjoys. We’re a solution for establishing trust when working with people you’ve never met. We’re happy that our time tracker helps business owners find quality talent anywhere, and that it helps employees live and work wherever they like.

– Jared Brown, Hubstaff



3. Creating Safer Homes and Neighborhoods

SkyBell’s mission is to create safer homes and neighborhoods by putting control of the front door back into the hands of homeowners.  My proudest moment was the first time I received an email from a customer informing us that we had helped her prevent a break-in. It was powerful to hear how our hard work is making a real impact in someone’s life — and keeping them safer.

– Andrew Thomas, SkyBell Video Doorbell



4. Helping College Students and Recent Graduates Discover Their Career Path

As a student at Stanford, I didn’t know what I wanted to do after college. Most students graduate without knowing about all the relevant opportunities out there and this is why we started AfterCollege. Our goal is to help students figure out their path. I’m proud when I hear of a student getting a job or internship via AfterCollege or when employers hire students. It tells us our service works.

– Roberto Angulo, AfterCollege



5. Helping Tween and Teen Girls

Girls go through a lot during the middle school years: that awkward phase kicks in. Boys come into the picture. Cliques begin to form. Bullying increases. Girls start to struggle with self-esteem and the pressure to fit in. Our main goal has always been to provide a safe place online for girls to just be girls, get advice and help to build self-esteem, realizing they aren’t alone in the issues they face.

– Juliette Brindak, Miss O and Friends



Root Square 0415


6. Helping Kids and Their Families Achieve Their Dreams

We conceived our company, Admit.me, to give kids and their families the educational opportunities that we have been fortunate to experience. Our company stands for ensuring kids with limited resources achieve the same level of college admissions support as those with more financial means. The best days in the company are receiving that acceptance letter and a quick note of thanks!

– Kofi Kankam, Admit.me



7. Sharing the Blessings

We aim to be good neighbors by continuously improving the ways in which we contribute directly and indirectly to the wellbeing of our community. We know that to whom much is given much is required. We are stewards of our talents and gifts and seek to share them with others. We care deeply for our community.

– Joseph DeWoody, Clear Fork Royalty



8. My Team

I’m most proud that I have the opportunity to create roles and functions in an organization where people are engaged and fulfilled.

– Zach Robbins, Leadnomics



9. Fostering Honest Relationships

Our company prides itself on pure, simple, honest communication with our clients, employees and vendors. Our business partners appreciate that we are straight forward and not manipulative. We’re honest and expect the same from whoever we work with. It’s not always pleasant in the moment, but it does make for better long term relationships with our business partners and employees.

– Angela Harless, AcrobatAnt



10. Advocating for Small Businesses

Having owned a small brick-and-mortar business, I was regularly faced with limitations. Tools and resources lacked for our community. It’s because of that experience and exposure that I am most proud of what our company stands for: we now advocate for small businesses and their owners. We want to create ease and additional visibility for the business, the owner and their hosted events in the community.

– Souny West, CHiC Capital



11. Our Philanthropic Initiative

We are proud to donate digital ad campaigns to non-profits every month through our philanthropic initiative, CPXample. With CPXample, we’ve also partnered with Children’s International. My employees and I have had the privilege of sponsoring children and building community centers in Ecuador and Colombia for Children’s International. Beyond that, we are dedicated to fostering company core values.

– Mike Seiman, CPXi



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