10 New Developments to Anticipate in 2016

 YEC (Young Entrepreneur Council) surveyed some folks about 2016 and their hopes for the new year. Here are their answers:

What are you looking forward to most for 2016?


1. For the “Unicorns” to Lose Their Horns

The recent underwhelming IPOs of Square and Match show that tech euphoria is starting to fade. As someone who runs a bootstrapped tech company myself, I think the industry could use greater clarity into which companies are true unicorns and which are just hype. When the bubble pops it will be painful, but the companies left will be the ones who are actually creating value for consumers.
– Jared Brown, Hubstaff

2. Technology That Makes Us More Productive

As an entrepreneur, I never stop working and my job is never done. There are so many new technologies that save me time and make me more productive. I take Uber everywhere, I use Postmates to deliver food, I use Amazon to deliver my groceries, I use Purple to fill up my gas, I use Relay Rides to rent cars when I travel and I stay at Airbnbs. 2016 will bring amazing new on-demand technology!
– Brandon Stapper, 858 Graphics

3. How the Election Can Reshape Our Country

2016 is a huge year in politics (the U.S. Presidential Election) and in sports (the Olympics). I am excited to see how many people turn out to vote, what side the American voters back based on everything happening in the world, and how sports might be able to play a role in all that is taking place around us. There is a lot to be hopeful for and it starts with my generation.
– Todd Heyden, SportsLock

4. The Death of Email

We’ve been talking about the need to kill email for such a long time and yet no one has been able to find a solution that’s been able to replace it completely. I’m looking forward to the creation of a platform that’s able to utilize a more simplistic, advanced technological solution that enables shorter communication and easier filtering of information — while not detracting from our ability to communicate.
– Ayelet Noff, Blonde 2.0

5. Marketing Automation Explosion

It’s estimated that as few as seven percent of U.S.-based companies are using marketing automation software. In 2016, I am most looking forward to how other businesses will adapt and enhance efficiencies to help streamline the marketing process through automation. I’m expecting an overwhelming percentage of businesses worldwide
 to see measurable results through improved efficiency and productivity.
– Anthony Pezzotti, Elevated Media Inc.

6. For Machines to Become Smarter

Machine learning and data mining are only going to get better as we pour more data and processing power onto the fire. Currently I must speak to my Amazon Echo as if it were a toddler; Siri, the older sibling. Google’s mind-reading powers often make me grin. I look forward to watching these systems improve and seeing the new tricks and insights of 2016.
– James Console, Antlion Audio

7. Cyber Security Accountability

The immaturity of the cyber security stance of the private sector is quite amazing to me. Yet we are only starting to see the beginnings of lawsuits against organizations (Wyndham, UCLA, Ashley Madison) because of negligence regarding customer and patient data. In 2016 we should begin to see a swell of lawsuits (and damaged brands) that will lead to greater protections and rights for consumers.
– Kevin Telford, SurfWatch Labs

8. New E-Commerce Tools With AI Capability

We have been planning and working on some advanced e-commerce tools that will improve efficiency and functionality across the board for multiple platforms (Volusion, Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce etc.) for the past 15 months. We are excited about adding artificial intelligence capability to some of these tools and launching them in 2016. I believe that we will see more AI integrated capabilities for various industries.
– Duran Inci, Optimum7

9. The Big Data Boom

Big Data is the big word of our decade. There are a lot of companies attempting to harness information in one place so a user can leverage that information and make sense of it. But nobody has the entire puzzle figured out yet. So 2016 is going to be an exciting time as companies bring to market solutions that help sales and marketing teams prospect better and faster.
– Ajay Gupta, Stirista

10. The Triumph of Video and Virtual Reality

2016 is going to be the year of video. YouTube will become the platform of choice for content creators. The inability to outsource personality will be a driving force in this shift, giving consumers a more engaging experience. Facebook will build a marketplace and will put an even larger bet on VR as a messaging, gaming and content consumption medium.
– Carter Thomas, Bluecloud Solutions



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